Greetings !

After years of video blogging I've decided to give the written word a try. I havenít the foggiest idea of what Iíll share, neither do I have an established plan in mind, itís more like I'm going to allow this to become whatever it becomes. Thereís a possibility of me sharing some of my past hardships, and how I have evolved because of the lessons learned; who knows I may even share some of the not so nice stuff that Iíve hidden away in my ďIcicle Box of SouvenirsĒ for many, many moons. I have dabbled in prose and poetry in the past, so youíll most likely see some of that here. I used to enjoy the outdoors, sports, skiing, tennis, cycling, horseback riding, to name a few, but due to a spinal injury those have been replace with doodling, painting, looming, knitting, reading, animals and of course vlogging.

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