23: A Taste of Paradise

For the next couple of months, Id either cycle the twelve miles to and from town, or if the sitter wasnt available Id walk to town with the youngest in his stroller.

Sometimes wed meet at the park, or go swimming , other times wed go to his place and cook up a storm, often trying out new recipes.

At times Denis would fill the bathtub with warm water and make wax paper boats for Jay to play with, Id sit on the toilet seat and hed sit on the floor by the tub, wed spend the entire afternoon playing with Jay and talking.

Never were we at a loss for conversation!

I  had pretty much stopped going out dancing on Saturday nights, instead Id go to my Aunts on Sunday to play cribbage or a good game of rummy and from there before returning home, Id spend  several hours with Denis.

I cant say we were overly prudent, nor can I say we publicly flaunted our involvement, but to a trained eye it was obvious that we were more than mere acquaintances.

Things at home were getting worse by the day, and to be perfectly honest, I no longer gave a damn.

In my heart I knew that my commitment to our marriage was over the night Id delivered that apple pie to 57A, Principale O street.

I was hoping against all odds that Mr. R would decide to leave me for one of his adventures, that way Id look like the poor wife and not the wife who upped and left him.

Sometime in May of the following year, I asked Denis if hed like to go on a short trip with me and my friend Shadow.  She was taking a trip to New York, somewhere in the Finger Lakes region, wed be camping so it wasnt going to cost us an arm and leg.

After an entire week of anticipation, he finally committed to coming along.

Mr. R had agreed to my little trip, (and I knew why, it meant he wouldnt have any time restrictions while I was out of town ).

My mother-in-law, bless her soul,  offered to sit the kids;  it was understood that Shadow would pick me up around midnight, and then we would pick Denis up at the intersection of Route 112, and Chemin Roy at  1:00A.M. on June 16th.

I couldnt believe that we were actually going to have an entire five days together.

120 hours where we didnt have to hide!

7,200 minutes where we could be ourselves .

4320,000 seconds to savor the flavor of paradise! ............... <Next>