22: Murder !

Mr. R wanted chicken pot pie for supper, how lucky can a woman get,  we were out of eggs and peas, and everyone knows chicken pot pie without peas, is like a rum and coke without rum.

I dialed the number Denis had given me, and asked him to meet me at the grocery store, we could talk there.  I needed to know what the hell was going on, and a public place like the grocery store would be ideal.

When I pulled up to park he just happened to be standing directly beside the one and only free parking space.  I put a quarter in the parking meter and proceeded to the store.

He opened the store door and we proceeded to walk in, we looked like two very ordinary shoppers and not like two people who had shared the same bed a few hours prior, nor did he look like someone who somehow might be involved in a murder.

It was next to impossible to have a conversation while walking up and down the aisles of a grocery store, so we chose to go to Gordon Meeks’  news stand where his sister worked part time.  Not only did they sell news papers and magazines, they also served quick meals, and were well known for the ice cream parlor.  Yes, it would be a safe place where we could talk.

Before Denis commenced to explain why the cops had visited him the night before in regards to a murder, he apologized for the trauma it may have caused me.

May have caused me, are you kidding?

It most definitely had upset me, my stomach still felt like it was on some insane roller coaster ride!

Over a banana split and milk shake he shared his story.  A story that involved another witness, and now, myself.

I learned that it wasn't the first time the cops had visited him regarding the murder, in fact it was the third time, the two others had been at his work place.

That was one of the reason's he no longer worked at the disco, neither did his long time friend who’d worked as one of the bouncers. They both felt it safer to quit their employment,  moved away from town and to lay low till the dirt settled.

What had happened is that there had been a fight,  a particularly nasty fight between a guy and his girlfriend, he’d smacked her around and bruised her face, the bouncers broke up the fight and they were ordered to leave the premises.  The police were not called in as the couple left without further incident.

However, it just so happened that a couple of clients, Denis being one of them, were standing outside smoking  when the guy started getting nasty again, and when pushing her into the care,  threatened to kill her.

To make a long story short, Denis’s friend had a cottage down by one of the smaller lakes in the region,  and the nasty guy was his neighbor, he also belonged to the Hell’s Angels, and was a cocaine dealer.  Not your average little corner guy dealer, one of the higher-up ones.  One who had earned whatever it is they must earn before becoming a high-roller.

The reason that Denis and in particular his friend were wanted for questioning was because they’d accidentally witnessed the murder of the poor girl.  Someone else had seen it too, and that person told the cops that Denis and his friend had also witnessed the gruesome event.

Both Denis and his friend knew they’d be next if they spoke up.  So they chose to move away,  only to come back when absolutely necessary … to which he added, like for a date with a very special person that he’d had his eye on for quite some time.

He stressed once again how very sorry he was for what had happened, and how foolish he’d been to have not locked the apartment door.  The cops didn’t have a warrant and had the door been locked they would not have entered. They also knew he was working in Chambly, they had visited him there.

I couldn’t imagine what it must have been like to have witnessed such a horrific scene, and to be fully aware that if you spoke out,  you would unquestionably  find yourself looking into the barrel of a gun.

I returned home with a sense of great relief, Denis was simply an innocent bystander to a crazed individual who chose to rid himself of his girlfriend by blowing her head off!

A couple of weeks later it was learned that the guy hanged himself in jail while awaiting his court appearance.  Karma !

Within a few days Denis moved back to town, he returned to his weekend job at the disco, his sister left for India ; we threw caution to the wind and spent as much time together as possible! ............... <Next>