20: The Big Night

May 3rd rolled around,  my plans were rather simple; I’d be going to the Shawn Phillips Concert at the University, afterwards I’d drop Mrs. CC off at her place, and hence from there I’d be headed towards 59A, Principale O.

From that point on it was anyone’s guess as to what would, or would not transpire.

A few days before the ‘Big Night’ I had gone shopping, I’d invested in some rather pretty new underwear.  Nothing provocative, but nice and lacy just in case. I also bought a new top, a pair of jeans and jean jacket to match.

I picked up Mrs. CC around 7ish, and from there we proceeded to the University. Once parked, we decided to share a really small joint, I mean who wants to go to a concert without being a bit stoned!

My tickets were front row center, the best seats anyone could hope for.

I’d brought along my little Polaroid camera with the hope of landing a couple of good shots.

During intermission we went outside to have a cigarette, but instead we finished off the remainder of the joint.

Mistake, very big mistake!

Come the end of the concert I was still so stoned I couldn’t find my way out of the parking lot.

Don’t laugh, I am dead serious.

I could not find the frigging exit to, I drove around for what seemed like hours before succeeding.

Mrs. CC  was of absolutely no use.  She was even higher than me, all she could do was laugh, and laugh, you know that kind of laugh where you snort at the same time, and the more she snorted the more I’d  crack up. I could hardly see anything as my eyes filled with water from all the laughing, no wonder I couldn’t find the exit.

Eventually I found one but it wasn’t the one I was used to, so instead of getting on the main road I ended up way out in the country on some narrow dirt road with no street lights and seeing that I suffer with night blindness  I was silently praying that somehow my guardian angels would lead me safely to my destination.

As the evening progressed my night blindness was going to be the least of my worries!

It was just about midnight when I arrived in town, ‘should I, or should I not’ I asked with each and every step I climbed.  Common sense told me that I should not, but, I did just the same.

Knock, knock on the faded green door.

The curtain moved over just  barely enough so that I could see the waiter’s face,  he opened the door and proceeded to offer me some of his popcorn; all the while he’s standing there with a grin from ear to ear, the only thing he had on was his fruit of the loom underwear.

I swear, his briefs were the same faded green color as his door!

I stepped in, took him up on his offer for some popcorn, we sat down on the futon mattress that was being used as a sofa and ate popcorn while chatting for a bit. Strangely enough nothing felt award, it was like we’d known each other forever.

He didn’t apologize for greeting me in his underwear, instead he let me know that he had just about given up on me showing up and was getting ready to call it a night and to go bed; at some point in time that’s exactly where we ended up, but by then I had completely forgotten about his faded fruit of the loom underwear and the faded green door.

I knew that I was still stoned to some degree, because everything seemed to last forever.  That was something that would occur when I took a puff of pot, even more so if it was hash. (God I sound like a drug addict, no, it wasn’t like I was a habitual user,  I would take a puff if going to a concert or some special occasion).

Let’s just say that the lingering effect of the couple of puffs I had taken during the concert were still potent enough to make a 30 second kiss feel like it had lasted for hours.  Needless to say the orgasm(s) were out of this world!

Seriously, never in my entire life, had I ever experienced anything that came even close.  Never!

Lying quietly in bed relishing in the afterglow, I thought I heard something or someone in the apartment, Denis said it was most likely just the cat and not his sister as she was out of town for the week , he assured me not to worry.

Okay, it was most likely just Mittens, the cat.

An hour or so later I needed to use the washroom, but my clothes we in the living room and not the bedroom, which of course left me no choice other than to walking naked into the kitchen to get to the bathroom.

The apartment was rather dark, the only light being from the outdoor lamp post.

As I came out of the bedroom I thought I saw something to my left move, I felt certain that something on the table had moved,  but maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me, or as Denis had said, the cat.  Just as I was about to open the bathroom door, the kitchen light. came on.

I turned expecting to see Denis, instead, seated at the table was a cop and over by theliving room door stood two others. One I knew,  because he worked with my Dad, he’d even been to my folks place a couple of times.

I knew that he knew I was married, and we both knew it wasn’t to Denis. Suddenly feel ill, I also felt extremely embarrassed.

The love making had been anything but silent, and I also figured that the sound I had previously heard was most likely them and not the cat. If it was the case they’d heard every intimate sound we’d uttered, hell for all I knew, maybe they had watched us, after all, we hadn’t closed the bedroom door.

Somehow I managed to nod to the cop sitting at the table and proceeded to open the bathroom door, the sound of my of urine added to my embarrassment.

As I came out from the bathroom,  but before making my way back to the bedroom, the cop standing guard at the door, came closer and handed me my clothes.  His partner stood there with a smirk that made me what to run and hide.

The knowledge that they had been privy to a rather intense and what normally would have been a very private intimate time, only added to my feeling  ashamed, (I remember wondering if Adam and Eve had felt the same when their little secret had been discovered).

Suddenly the cop who’d been sitting at the table stood up,  pushed away the rolling paper and a dime of hash (one that I hadn’t noticed because I was too busy doing other things), and in a very stern voice informed me (us) that he was not there because of the illegal drugs, he was there regarding the murder.

A murder!

Lord help me!

What had I gotten myself into? ............... <Next>