18: The Curve Ball

At this point of the story, I could fill you in on the details of everyday life, but there really is nothing out of the ordinary to share.  I went about my daily life like every other working mother, doing the things that need to be done.  All the while biding my time for the show down.

The second Saturday of the month came rolling around, at last, my night out with the girls, and like every other Saturday we’d be going to La Poupee.  It was my turn to pickup the girls, Sylvia, Mrs. CC, and my twin cousins.

As usual, we arrived early enough to get our favorite table, the one directly in front of the dance floor, and close to the massive stone fireplace.  It really was one of the best tables if your intentions were to dance, no need to cut through the crowd to get to the dance floor, and better yet, right next to the girls washroom.

Being the designated driver meant no or very little alcohol, in other words, maybe one beer or a rum and coke, then it would be lemonade for the remainder of the evening.  Generally speaking, both Sylvia and I did not consume large quantities of booze, it just wasn't our style.  The same could not be said of the other three.

Mrs. CC ran into a couple of old school buddies and decided to sit with them, one of my cousins met an old boyfriend and she too sat elsewhere.  Gail ended up working in the cloakroom for a couple of hours leaving just Sylvia and myself at our favorite table.

Shortly after arriving, two guys came over and asked us to dance, we thanked them and sent them on their way, neither of us was interested to dancing with unknown guys, furthermore we were quite capable of dancing alone!

The  two guys were persistent, they just wouldn't take no for an answer .

After about the tenth time of politely saying NO, they decided to grab their drinks and without being invited, proceeded to make themselves comfortably seated at our table!

It was then that I got the brainy idea of asking our waiter for a bit of help.  I offered him ten bucks if he’d pretend to be either my or Sylvia’s husband, with the hope that the two jerks would finally get it through their thick heads that we were spoken for.

I filled him in on our dilemma and he willingly agreed to help us out.

Denis pocketed the money, brought me a Zombie (which I don’t generally drink), sat down at the table,  started having a conversation about ‘our’ kids and at what time the babysitter had to be home; next thing I knew was the two jerks took their drinks and their sorry little asses and left.

Yahoo, my idea had worked. We were now free to enjoy the remainder of the evening.

Closing time rolled around quickly, and as I got up to use the washroom, I felt a bit unsteady and realized that I was not totally sober.  Sylvia had smoked the first joint in her life, and she was flying high, the three others had been hitting the booze quite heavily, and were even less sober than me.  That left no one to drive us home.

I was just about to call a taxi, when Denis the waiter came over to empty our ashtray,  I asked if he was heading in our direction, and if so could we bum a ride with him once he finished work.  Unfortunately he’d hitched a ride to work, because his car didn't yet have snow tires.  Sylvia spoke up and suggested that he drive my car, he accepted.

I didn't really know Denis, all I knew about the guy was that he worked at La Poupee on the weekends,  he was known as the best waiter in the place, that he was popular even though he looked like a nerd and appeared to be rather arrogant. He didn't appear to be a weirdo, or some dangerous sexual predator. He seemed pretty ordinary, and he was quite well known, well at least at La Poupee.

But what was I thinking, here I was allowing someone I did not know drive my car, when all I needed to do was call a taxi. I suppose it was because I didn't want to spend the additional fifteen dollars it would take to get me home, and I had to take the other girls into consideration, after all I was supposed to be the designated driver.

He was prudent behind the wheel, he first dropped off the twins, as he knew where they lived, one was dating his friend Paul, followed by Mrs. CC, then Sylvia.  That left me.

He asked if I could safely drive myself home; I lived out in the country a good six miles from town and it was snowing quite heavily, somehow we ended up at the top of the hill on 17th Avenue directly in front of a park.

He told me that I could take the auto-route by taking a right turn at the end of the road, it would save me from having to travel across town to get back home. I asked how he would get back in town, that's when he told me his folks lived just a few houses down, and that he could sleep there instead going to his apartment.

We sat in the car and chatted for a bit, he told me that he was studying at the Sherbrooke University, that one day he was hoping to move to Australia, that he enjoyed sports, especially Lacrosse.

Conversation was easy and seemed to flowing without effort,  then without warning he ever so gently leaned over nuzzled  my neck and proceeded to unbutton my blouse! ............... <Next>