17: The Plan

With the knowledge that Mr. R was back to sleeping with Mrs. CC, and, with their ignorance of my knowledge,  I would play the role of ignorant wife and unsuspecting friend allowing their sexual needs to provide me with enough fuel to send them both to hell with no coming back.

Why did I require additional fuel, I genuinely donít know the answer.  Itís not like the other girls didnít count, because they did.

Conversely the other girls had not declared themselves as being a friend, Mrs. CC on the other hand had, and in so doing, made her guilty of treason.

The first part of my plan was to renew the friendship with CC, which proved to be rather simple.

All that was needed was one phone call! One insignificant phone call.

I made sure to emphasize how she was not the wicked witch from the East, but instead a victim,  just another name in the long list of his conquests.

Bingo, I struck a home run!

I proceeded to educate her this time around, filling her in on the facts about all the other victims in Mr. Rís portfolio, and how she was just a disposable pawn to gratify his sexual desires; she swallowed my wanting to remain friends hook line and sinker.  Step one had been accomplished!

Step two,  was to convince Mr. R that he was forgiven, that I understood it was all Mrs. CCís fault.  She was the one who came on to him time and time again, and the only reason heíd given in to her pursuit was because she had threatened to  blackmail him. He willingly choose to believe that I had believed in his lies.  Step two having been a success, it was now time to put part three into action, but not too quickly.

After a several months, a couple of friends, including Mrs. CC and I went dancing. Mr. R was thrilled that she and I were on talking terms, he even encouraged me to go out more often (a complete change from before).  Over the course of time it became a understood that every second Saturday was my night out, and Thursday and Fridayís were his.

I knew what his nights out were about;  part three was coming together nicely, very nicely indeed.

My  initial plan of befriending  Mrs. CC, and of hiding my knowledge of the ongoing adultery, had worked. Now all I needed, was to find a place to live, and to make sure I had enough money to provide for the kids and myself, only then would I file for divorce.

One, two, three, simple plans work the best, donít you agree?

Not quite, you see some plans and events donít  follow the intended path; instead a curve balls is thrown in your direction, one that takes you in a completely different direction, one that you never anticipated or for that matter, were prepared for.

That is precisely what happened one snowy Saturday evening. ............... <Next>