16: Retaliation

Firstly let me say, that Mr. R did everything in his power for the next month or so  hoping to trick me into believing how deeply he loved me and how terribly sorry he was for having caused such grief over that five year time span.

Me, not being able to admit that the relationship was doomed and that history eventually repeats its self.  For a short period of time I continued on with my life doing what came naturally to me,  which was to comply and to once again bury my head in the sand, but not quite as deeply as before that night in October.

You see, over the course of several months pieces of the jigsaw puzzle started falling into place.  I could see certain patterns repeating themselves thanks to Mrs. CC’s educational program, it was evident,  Mr. R was back to his old ways.

With a bit of investigation, I was able to discover  the ‘babysitter affair’, the ‘cashier affair’, the ‘friend of a friend affair’, the ‘old girlfriend affair’, the ‘topless dancer affair’, the ‘waitress affair’, and the ‘out of town affair’, to name a few.

All this to say,  the only two things that had changed, were, one, he was now trying to manipulate me by buying me with things I didn’t want or need,  and  two, I’d had devised  a plan to beat him at his own game.

In so doing I was fully aware that I might shed some blood, but with revenge in my heart and hatred in my soul, I was up for the challenge.  Mr. R, was in for one hell of a surprise as was Mrs. CC.

Little did she, or he, know that I had every intention of using them as pawns.

I had already weighed the pros and cons of sacrificing the then fifteen year-old babysitter and wasn’t sure that I’d go that far, but if need be, so it would be, I knew they were my one-way ticket to freedom.

Sacrificing the fifteen year old sitter could prove to be a bonus, possibly jail time for Mr.R!

I need not divulge the finer details of my plan; all you need to know is that they would be sufficient in providing me with the necessary ammunition to bring him down.

All that was needed was proof, and I knew exactly how to obtain it.

No would be no need to hire and pay for a detective,  I could do the work myself, all that was required was to capture it on film, or better yet, to be present.

Like a believable lie, a successful  plan takes time construct, I had my work cut out for me.

I had yet to learn that not all plans go as planned. Needless to say, neither did this one (but what else is new, right).

One evening after a rather loud and heated argument about his ongoing bachelor ways,  Mr. R, with finger pointed in my face, let me know that he was going to do as he pleased with his life, that he would fool around with whom ever he pleased, and all I needed to do was the same.

End of subject, or so he thought.

Onward with my plan ! ............... <Next>