12: Today

Sitting here wondering if I should continue with my story. Is it wise to share publicly?

How vulnerable will this make me?

What is the point? Does there have to be a point?

Do I think Iím so important that someone might be interested in learning more about me?

Will these posts lead to me being classified as being wild and somewhat crazy?  (Memo to self, find another word to replace SOMEWHAT, it is becoming redundant)!

Thank goodness for Thesaurus, the above sentence can now be read as follows: Will these posts lead to me being classified as being wild and to some extent crazy?  (now that sounds so much better)!

Will my words only prove how non advanced my thought process is?

Will my way of expressing myself discourage my reader(s) from further readings?

Why do I always question myself?

What is the deep rooted reason for my lack of confidence?

Why am I doing this?

Can my readers (I use that term loosely, I think I only have a reader) see my world though my eyes, or only from theirs?

Do I come across as being cold, selfish, someone who only thinks of herself?

What kind of impression have I left my reader(s) with?

Am I able to bring them to a place where they too can experience the bitter-sweetness of  life, in particular, mine?

Am I able to bring them back to past events in their lives that they may have forgotten?

Am I going to live only to regret having been so open with details of my life?

Can I choose to stop, right now, right this instant?

Do I want to stop writing right this instant?  (The answer to this one is easy, no I want to continue, why, I have no clue).

Reflection, I seem to be pretty focused on me, is that a good thing or not? ............... <Next>