11: Where Worlds Collide

This morningís blog is going to be somewhat different from the others; itís one where past and present collide during sleep.

Last night I managed to get myself to bed before my 2:00 A.M. curfew, you see I have a bit of a problem when it comes to being reasonable and disciplined with sleep. Itís not that I have terrible insomnia, itís simply because I am a night owl.

If I was to follow my preferred sleeping pattern, it would be going to bed around 3 or 4 A.M., and getting up around noon.

I function best when I stick to this schedule, but unfortunately most of life requires me to get up earlier, much earlier means not getting enough sleep.

I read somewhere that the lack of sleep can cause one to gain weight, maybe thatís my problem and not over eating.  I wish I could use that as an excuse and not the food thing, then maybe Iíd feel less guilty for having gotten myself to the size of a baby whale!

What I wanted to share with you this morning, was my dream, it was one where lifeís layers collide.  Iíve kind of stolen the term Ďlayersí from a comment that my friend Vitaldreams left on one of my blog posts.

Layer or layers is the perfect adjective to describe the path we travel during our journey on Planet Earth, or elsewhere for that matter. (Why did I use WE instead of I? Forget it, itís not important).

The dream, unfortunately seems to have faded somewhat, almost to the point of forgetting what it was about. (Thatís what happens when other thoughts manage to sneak into my grey cells, then poof, the main topic dissipates somewhere in that unreachable zone of my mind).

Unfortunately only fragments remain, so I am unable to give you the full picture (if ever that was one).

I think weíve all experienced a dream where we know we are dreaming, it happens to me often.

There are the dreams that can be traced back to something that took place during our waking hours that particular day or maybe as far back as weeks prior.

And then there are those dreams where worlds collide.

Maybe itís more like the movement of layers during an earthquake. In some instances the movement results in the lower layers shifting closer to the surface, and the others being displaced beneath.

Sometimes they only rattle my windows, other times they toss me around to the point of losing my footing, other times they set off a tsunami, on occasion triggering a volcano.

This displacement of layers modifies my landscape, sometimes to a point beyond recognition, upon awaking  I usually find myself asking WTF just happened.

This morningís dream was one of those!

There were cards, playing card spread out on some unknown surface, someone by the name of Duchess was trying to have some kind of power play with me, my surroundings appeared foreign, yet to some degree recognizable.

When I looked upward, it was like being in some ancient temple, one with artwork by Michael Angelo on the ceiling.  It was breathtaking!  The paint was fresh, the color intense and I could smell the linseed oil.

This building, well it wasnít really a building, it was more like a gigantic spacecraft, it was large enough to contain all universes.  It contained ALL knowledge, every single question that ran through my mind , could be answered.

Furthermore, every thought that I had not yet thought, was there, as were the means to utilize these yet unknown thoughts to further my Ďeducationí.

My Ďeducationí had nothing to do with going to university  to become a rocket scientist, it was something inexpiable, yet while being in that dream layer I knew exactly what it meant and how I was going to get from A to Z.

A to Z didnít exist as being separate points in time, time was not (and is not) what most of us think. Time didnít really exist, only layers.

Layers piled one on top of the other, sometimes the layers are so heavy they meld into one, yet with sufficient work and diligence one can separate them to a point of somewhat  understanding their significance.

Duchess didnít want me to have access to the necessary Ďtoolsí to further my Ďeducationí.

Her means to distract me were simple, she clouded my Ďspirití with Earthly desires, desires that would without doubt lead me down a path of acquiring many, many additional layers, layers which would eventually weigh me down and therefore hinder my advancement to a higher Ďeducationí.

The need to empty my bladder awakened me.

From my bedroom window I could see the sun was shining, the sky was blue, both cat and dog were next to my pillow, the alarm clock tipped over on the night table, the landscape once again recognizable. I asked myself where the hell Iíd been, knowing that I had been there before ............... <Next>

Duchess was nowhere to be seen!