10: Mashed Potatoes

Sunday late afternoon the honeymoon was over.

Monday back to work for me, Mr. R, had been laid off work, play time for him.

Tuesday 5:30 P.M., Mr. R  let me know that he didnít like my mashed potatoes, they werenít like his Momís !

Tuesday 5:31 P.M., I stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind me.  ďSo you donít like my mashed potatoes, well next time go eat supper at your Motherís houseĒ!

Wednesday, I learned how to make good mashed potatoes, I called my mother-in-law, she was a sweet heart, she shared her secret recipe with me.

Tons of butter and plenty of onion salt,  et voila, a miracle had been accomplished, or so I thought.

You know that saying, ďThe way to a manís heart is through his tummyĒ, donít believe it, itís not true, itís a lie!

No matter how good a cook you become, if you have a man with a wandering eye, the best mashed potatoes in town are not going to stop him from sowing his seeds elsewhere!

Take my word for it, had I had any brains, I would have taken those butter-less mashed potatoes and flushed both him and them down the fucking drain ! ............... <Next>