9: The Honeymoon

Thinking back, you know, I should have seen the writing on the wall. I think all the signs where in place when we chose the date to be married.

April 1st, yes, April Foolís Day (how appropriate)!

Then there was my cousin trying to convince me not to marry Mr. R. (should have listened).

Almost arrived late for my own wedding (it would have been to have never shown up).

The ring bearers dropping the rings (indication of things to come).

The priest appeared anything but serious (the marriage turned out to be a farce).

I was a total wreck as far as emotions were concerned (that time of the month).

Mr. R couldnít couldnít wait to get me in bed (what else was new)!

I started my period early (well at least I wasnít pregnant)!

Mr. Rís brother and sister-in-law accompanied us on our honeymoon (Disaster).

She was nine months pregnant and ready to pop at any moment (Had to stop every few miles to urinate)!

We ended up being stuck in the same motel room as my brother and sister-in-law. (Sex was not going to happen).

It was their car and they liked country music (I had no say in the matter).

Country music blaring to and from Quebec city (whoopee, another hour of this and itís going to be letís go crazy)

Getting stopped by the cops for drinking Holy Water from an empty champagne bottle (that one was actually quite funny)! ............... <Next>