8: Ice Cream

After Jacques, I promised myself that the next guy I dated would become my husband.

No more of this going around breaking guys hearts.  Itís not like it was my intent, but it seemed to be the outcome.

I had landed myself a summer time job working at one of the restaurants in town, a rather small, but an extremely busy place. It was more like a quick lunch kind of joint, a Mom & Popís resto, so to speak.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, fish & chips, and the best BBQ chicken in town.  They also sold soft ice-cream.

One Friday night these three guys came over to the ice-cream window, they  were pretty good looking and seemed to be about my age.  It had been one of those extra hot, sticky, humid kind of summer nights, you know that kind that leave your underarms sticking to the side of your bra, and to top it off weíd been extremely busy; I really didnít feel like serving them.

All I wanted was for my shift to finish so that I could do like I usually did.

Balance my cash, count my tips, clock out, then head down to the pier. Strip down to bra and panties, then take a quick swim before heading back home.

It was prohibited to go swimming after dark (town rule), but it had never stopped me before, so I didnít expect it to stop me that night.

What did stop me though, was the three guys Iíd served just a few minutes prior.  They were sitting at the edge of the pier, their feet dangling in the water. They were laughing and it looked like they were drinking beer and smoking.

Not knowing them, and the fact that there was three of them and only one of me, I deemed it advisable to slowly retreat and go directly home.  A shower would be safer.

The following week, they show up again,  only this time one of them wanted to know if Iíd like to go dancing with him the following Saturday.  As it turned out, I was working day shift that week, which left me free to go dancing Saturday night.

He seemed like an nice enough guy, and itís not like I Ďd be alone with him, it was a community center where teens went to go dancing on the weekends,  plus there would be plenty of other people there.

The following Saturday he met my parents, and off we went.

I had a nice time.  He was a good dancer, all in all Iíd rate the evening as being pretty close to a 10.

We went dancing whenever possible, depending on my shift.  We also went to the movies at least once a week.

His two other friends became friends with my friends,  so most of the time we were a group of six.

Monday was my designated day off, and it was one I spent alone, it was the only day available for me to go horseback riding.

It was my day, and I didnít want anyone ruining it.  Just me and the horses!

Summer came and went and then it was back to school.

By the time school was almost over, I decided that I didnít need a diploma, nor did I need to live with my parents.  I felt the time had come to get myself a job, an apartment and live with Mr.R.

I applied at a Center for mentally challenged children, I landed the job, and was to start in two days time.  A bus would pick me up at 6:15 A.M. Salary was $49.00 per week, a six day week.

I rented a one-room furnished apartment, left a note on our kitchen table informing my folks of my decision, and left with some clothes.  I intentionally did not leave my address, I wanted to spend the night with Mr. R,  and I wasnít in the mood for a lecture about why I needed a diploma or why I should not be on my own.

Like my Mother said, ďI like to dance to the beat of my own drumĒ.

Needless to say it didnít go over very well.  Dad found the apartment (I should have known he would after all he was a cop), but I didnít answer.

The following morning he showed up again, this time I allowed him in, we went for breakfast together.

He didnít lecture me. Instead, he said that I was welcome back home, and if I really wanted to quit school and work instead, Mom and he would agree to it, but I must come home.

I agreed !

The following Christmas Mr. R and I got engaged.

We got married in April, I would have preferred to elope but that was out of question.

Mom being the fantastic seamstress she was, made me the most lovely wedding gown,  it was studding.

My cousin Ashton was the one in charge of getting me to the church, we almost didnít make it in time; he kept driving around the block, trying to get me to change my mind.

Someone dropped the rings during the ceremony, they rolled down the aisle before coming to a stop under someoneís pew.

The priest got to laughing and was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

I had stage fright and could hardly say my vows.

Mr. R couldnít wait to get his tongue in my mouth when told that the groom could now kiss the bride.

Be late afternoon, the wedding and reception was behind us, finally we were off for our honeymoon ............... <Next>