6: Love ?

A three year romance;  I don’t know if it could truly be classified as love, maybe it was more about self discovery.

Whatever it was, the use of adjectives like, electric, titillating and intense simply belittle the intensity of feelings, both physical and emotional.

I think we saw each other every day, other than when he was hospitalized.

One beautiful July evening we took a stroll in what was called the Swiss Village, on the opposite side of the Village was open pasture and a small body of running water that would fill up after a good downpour, and as we’d had a rainy weekend so the water was quite high.

I managed to jump across with getting wet.

André lost his footing and ended up soaked and rather muddy.

I stood there laughing like an idiot, it was so funny to see him drenched to the bone and feeling somewhat humiliated by his misfortune. He ended up taking off his T-Shirt and jeans, and decided to go back home to change, but not before having a rather intense hour of some heavy necking.

End of story?

Not really.

A few days later he was rushed to the hospital, covered in oozing blisters, it seems that he was extremely allergic to poison ivy.

When I went to visit, I couldn’t believe my eyes, he was wrapped up from head to toe in white gauze.

Literally, he looked like a mummy!

Over the course of years the love affair strengthened and by the time I was eighteen, it was kind of understood that one day we’d marry.

But things changed, my Dad got  transferred to Sherbrooke, so we had to move.

On Friday nights André would take the train to come visit.  He was permitted to sleep over as long as he slept on the couch.  This went on for a about a year or.

The following summer I had a horseback riding accident.  I was thrown, resulting in a badly broken leg and what is called a Pot’s fracture.  The way the cast was put on hindered me from being able to get on the school bus which was the only means of getting me to Marymount in Sherbrooke, so instead I was enrolled at Princess Elizabeth High School here in town.

I made an entire group of new friends, some of them were boys, eventually André got replaced by, Richard, Carl, Johnny, Robert, Bruce, Jerry and eventually Jacques.

Not only was Jacques a weekend ski instructor he was also on the Ski Patrol.

Jacques introduced me to downhill skiing, never in my life had I ever felt a thrill so intense  one gets when traveling down a mountain trail at very high speed.  I fell in love with skiing and with Jacques.

Jacques was the kind of guy that every girl wishes for, kind, considerate, respectful, giving, loving, I think he all the qualities one could wish for, but he lacked one, a very important one.

He couldn’t bring himself to say no when the occasion called for it!

I could walk all over him and he wouldn’t say a word.

Things started going downhill when he started taking about marriage and moving to Chile.  We would have six children and be able to ski year round.  We’d be in Paradise, his words, not mine.

I had no intention of moving to Chile, or for that matter, having six kids.

After a couple of year of dating, we broke up, so should I say, I broke it off.  I really felt bad for causing him so much pain, he was such a nice person, and I knew that I’d broken his heart.

Three or four maybe, but six kids, hell no! ............... <Next>